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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 20, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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were violated. and in marin county, a heat up. good evening. it's wednesday, march 20th. this is bay area news at seven. we've begin tonight with continuing coverage on a police stand off in vallejo that ends with gunfire. it started at 11:30 with reports of a man with a rifle. after a four-hour long stand off, police say things escalated. >> he came to the front of the resident, broke a window out with a shotgun and pointed it at the officers and the officers fired on the man.
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swat team found the man dead. they don't not if he was killed by officers or if he was killed by suicide. police are active lee pursuing a man mere mash elementary school. the school wasn't placed on lock down. they haven't released the victim's name but say he was 20 years old. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. if police officers search your cell phone, is it legal? in san francisco, police seek to answer that question. new at 7:00, live in the city where, jena, you spoke to the man at the center of this lawsuit >>reporter: we did. also, i red through the civil lawsuit. it's about 55 pages and san francisco police told me they had no comment. this does raise the issue, as you mentioned, should police be allowed to search through cell
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phone e text, data and messages without a warrant? >> bob says he was protest nothing san francisco when he was arrested -- protesting when he was arrested. >> i was engaged in a completely nonviolence activity. >> they looked through his cell phone messages despite his objections. >> my cell phone had nothing to do with why i was arrested. >> today, the aclu joined him in a lawsuit filed against san francisco police. >> police need a warrant to search homes, and so they would need to have one to search our phones. >> the state constitution has stricture privacy protections. >> when the phone is searched, it's not just the privacy of the person who was arrested; everyone they communicated with. >> the legal battle is being fought across the nation and
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this could have a big impact. >> every jurisdiction has cases on this. some cases say cell phones are protected without a search warrant all the time. some cases say if it's password protection but not if it isn't. >> i did call the city -- >>reporter: i did call the city attorney office. the boy scout council has become the first in the nation to call for the scouts to allow openly gay scouts and youth. the council kicked out someone because he was gay. 65% want the current membership policy changed. 81% are in favor of the change. boy scouts national council will meet in may and a resolution to maintain or reject the ban is expected to vote.
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happening now a contention out meeting got underway in the bay area centered around affordable housing. >> police were standing by before the meeting. protestors gathered outside in the mar in county suburbs. both sides are digging in their heals. this rally flyer demanding a stop to ray racism. >> marin should be includive of clusive of everyone here. >> the group is rallying for affordable housing. this doesn't address the needs of lower income people. there are some legitimate concerns around pollution, traffic. we want to say to them that it's
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not a solution to affordable housing. >> it's free, for everyone to come. >> the meets aims to discuss possible alternatives to recent high density housing in the suburbs. >> everyone is wrestling with how do we keep the right balance of needing needs. >> the forum will include time for public comment and many plan to do that. >> we are urging our participants in the audience to be civil and respectful and to ask good questions hoping they can walk away feeling a lot more included. meeting will last several hours and the police will stay here for the duration. trending now on, oakland based too short was arrested in hollywood last night on dui and possession.
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he was picked up just after 3 a.m. and detained on $10,000 bail. >> a bill hearing had yet to be scheduled. police said he was in custody but offered no other details. >> right now at, that's tour top crime section which you'll find at the very top. during a concert in san francisco, a video has surfaced on the internet. >> once preachers are held at gun point and forced to mary the homosexuals, i'm pretty sure that was the signal for jesus to come on back. >> that's reportedly michelle shock. today, she issued an open letter apologizing, but she's also saying he was misunderstood.
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her comments say they were about how some feel, not her, about gay marriage. >> you can read that at under hot topics. an oakland monday was convicted of first degree murder. 26-year-old george hug ins faces life in prison due to the circumstance of murder during a robbery. in july of 2010 at any time, the father of three was applying for a job at google. hug ins shot him. he got away with $17. >> a new law aims to tough every lawns for stealing cattle. >> making theft more attempting to some. the consequences for some are light. assembly man is seeking jail time as a penalty.
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for those who steal livestock, on bethel island, three families are figuring out how to move forward after a fire. station closures meant the closest truck was five miles away from the fire on taylor road near taylor place. there are no working hydrants and this morning a downed power line kept crews from getting close to the flames. >> we had to readjust some lines, shoot there farther away to keep the safety. the one-story house was destroyed. no injuries were reported. officials say the state is not in brad shape water wise. -- bad shape. reservoirs are at seasonally agents. first day of spring brought
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snow the over a period of 24 hours. today's start was postponed. the event is expected to start and run through sunday. we'll have the complete forecast. the senate has passed a huge bipart son spending bill that would fund the government through september. that would avoid a partial federal shut down, as well as soften the blow for spending cuts. the senate measure now heads to the house. the federal reserve is standing by its plan to keep short-term interest rates at record lows. the fed issues a statement side saying the economy has strengthened but still needs support toey lower unemployment. it plans to keep interest rates low until unemployment falls to 6.5%. the rate is now at a now year low at 7.7%. >> this will also help push for
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stocks. nasdaq rose. shopping made easier, the new program, major big box retails preparing to offer in the south bay. in heyward, the downtown hoop is getting some action. the project wrapped up, converted several major two way streets to one way streets. the cities it's received e-mails both praising and criticizing it. the drivers aren't n place aren't enough, some drivers say. the cities it's working on it. >> the concern is having valid with the changes that have been made not having the signs up to make it a little bit more confusing for people to recognize where they are, for the landmarks, and in the other direction, it makes it easier. >> some businesses say they were affected when construction started but it's slowly getting
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better. there's a new round of controversial ads coming to san francisco with antimuslim messages. the new adds focus on homo sexuality. critics say they're unflamtory. they tell us it's forced to run them but donating the proceeds to human rights. and a debate over jenetically modified seafood. the ncaa tournament has arrive in the bay area. we'll show you why some march madness has already gun. back here in just ten minutes, a few sprinkles lingering throughout the bay area. i'll let you be how warm it will be as we head towards thursday. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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. it's sale seal pup season. burg season, many seal pups are still nursing. if a human gets curious, the mother will leave it behind. officials say if you see a pup, stay at least 50 feet away and keep your dogs with you. if you see a pup in need of attention, call the marine familiar marine mammal center. the proposal would create retail space at oak grove road, called the orchard at walnut creek. some worry it will bring unwanted traffic to the area. some business owners say they appreciate the chance to attract more customers.
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>> there's a growing backlash against genetically engineered seafood. they promised not to sell genetically, engineered seafood, friends of the arth. this is earth. >> the group is worried about the safety of modified seafood created by aqua bounty technologies. >> i think the bigger picture is that we want better safety assessment for this and any other netically engineered animals. if it gets approval, it will be
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the first genetically engineered animals. >> they say their fish is safe and healthy. >> at this trader joes, shoppers had opinions on this pledge. >> i think it's a really good idea. because we enjoy salmon and we have a taste for it, i think it's going to wake us up to, okay, where is the salmon going to come from? >> it's technology, not any more than that. >> along with a health concerns, critics also think these lab created salmon could eventually pose a risk to wild salmon populations. and apple products may look the rumor, it says apple may unveil the ipad five five is, and the
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iphone five. this information is from an inside source at apple. the company itself is not commenting. >> walmart is commanding a new feature with apple devices. the scan and go program well be available at san jose. customers can scan items on their cell phones, keep a tally and pay at check out counters. they can't pay with devices. an droid apps will be available soon. president obama assured israel, and benjamin netanyaho, to a two-state solution to the conflict. tomorrow, president obama is expected to meet with the president in the west bank. >> on capitol hill, senators expressed concerns about privacy and law enforcement agencies are
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using or considering using drones. currently, alameda county and san francisco police department are considering using drones. she understanding the lure for drones but restrictions on them would be put in. for the first time to get ready for the tournament games, new mexico state university fans came today to arrive in san jose's hp pavilion with plenty of chore. the aggies made the trip in style. >> getting the team here, they chartered a flight for the band members and the cheerleaders and everybody else. it's been so much fun. >> new mexico's opponent and
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its fans, the st. loui -- stshgs l st. louis. >> everyone's so thrilled and most people came from brooklyn. they were home for ten hours because we were at the conference and so it's just been minute by minute, just go, go, go. >> local businesses are counting on march madness, but people, such as carra douglas, who was coming with a grown up son. >> he's a huge fan and so excited to see cal versus unlv. he said that would be dope. >> organizers say there are tickets left but not many, and the best shot for cal unlv could be online.
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in san jose, robert honda channel 2 news. forcible contact with the defensive player, would result in a 15-year-old pent and if he uses his helmet, he getss -- project homeless connect bringing together medical, social and housing surfaces. the group was there today, now partnering with the san francisco for technology and innovation. the ideas to streamline the process to services for section eight and public hougzing lists. is for some eating a hot meal at home isn't as easy as you think. and the wet weather is moving out. bill martin tells how warm you can expect to get in the coming
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days in your neighborhood
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-- bart has put down spike
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strips. the dale city station and the 16th street mission station in the city. >> we have our chief meteorologist, bill martin here to talk about the rain that has come right through. >> you can kind of see the showers leaving the area. we're drying out now. >> how much rain did we get? i'll show you. we had a kum lagdz accumulations. >> here's the deal. i'm going to talk about the weather system moving out of the area. we've got clearing skies and temperatures showing up in the 50s right now. but they'll drop down into the 40s eventually. >> the forecast high as we go into the next couple days will be for increased temperatures. you can see the radar set up here and that rain is basically moving on as we head up here.
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>> so the story tonight will be chilly, wet grounds, kind of clear skies towards the end of the evening, so valley fog is definitely a concern. >> think about cool overnight lows and think about a few lingering sprinkles. a few south of san jose, a few kind of showing up on the peninsula. it's a sort of persistent mist. >> 3 a.m. starting to clear out. it looks good as we move into the next 24 hours for a warm up. that's the bay area story. it's just going to warm up each day as we move into your bay area weekend. >> good news there. >> the forecast as we head into tomorrow will be for increasing temperatures. >> some areas along the coast will pick up about ten degrees from what we saw today. instead of 55, you may get 65. and eight degrees for bay and inland temperatures. >> you'll notice that's enough
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to notice the warm up. livermore valley will have temperatures in the 60s. the rain is done for now. when i come back on channel two, 10:00 news, i'll have percentage averages. all part of mayor meals day, meals on wheels program. mayor quan went door to door. meals on wheel delivers more than five hundred meals throughout the city of oakland. >> thank you for trusting us for your news. an 11th grader from lincoln high school, we're talking about the principal and his friends for his love of music.
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tmz is up next on tv 36 .
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